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Alpaca Stuff Animal

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These truly lovely and authentic gifts are hand crafted high up in the mountain villages of the Andes Mountain Range in Peru. Each Llama is a one of a kind art work featuring the natural colors, shades and variations that come from 100% natural Alpaca and llama furs. 

These wonderful llamas make a great addition to natural themed children’s rooms. The feeling of the soft alpaca wool is so calming and perfect to help you drift off to sleep.

A truly lovely and authentic gift. 



Hand Made  Alpaca lined Stuffed Animal. Cute and cuddly! Comb its real hair!

~7 inches tall

~5 inches long

~4 inches wide!

As they are handmade and every alpaca will not have the same exact coat, alpacas ordered will vary from the ones picture below. Perhaps one has thinner hair or is more curly, or just chunkier or not chunkier, please don't fret, they can all be loved the same!


While no two llamas are exactly the same, you can choose the general shade of fur and size of the llama. 

-Made in Peru